Legendary movies about casinos and gambling

The world of gambling and casinos is home to many interesting characters – bookmakers, tricksters, gangsters, sleuths, mysterious poker faces, routiniers, professional gamblers, casino bosses and glamorous women. There are also exciting places like exotic premises or smoky dive bars for Bizzo Casino login. We think of all-nighters, pockets full of money and stacks of chips, the clacking of the roulette ball, the serene rien ne va plus of the croupiers, lucky streaks, but also nasty streaks of bad luck. But glitz, glamor, wealth, luxury, the aura of mystery, thrills and crime, addiction, greed, despair and ruin all lie close together. Film directors are only too happy to move in this field of tension, and there are many movies about casinos, gambling and the people involved. But which ones should you watch?


movies about casinos

Toronto in the early 80s: Quiet and unassuming bank employee Dan Mahowny is a workaholic and works his way up to stardom in the financial world of the metropolis in no time. His colleagues and superiors regard him as so reliable that he can quickly make free decisions about loans and large sums of money. Not even his girlfriend Belinda, however, suspects that Mahowny has been pathologically addicted to gambling since his earliest youth and gambles away the banks’ money in the casinos of the American gambling town of Atlantic City, where he regularly spends his nights at the gaming tables…


Sly Danny Ocean has a plan. A plan so daring and spectacular that he needs ten accomplices for it. No runaway forest and meadow crooks, but the best of their trade! Together with his buddy Sam, Danny travels across the USA to gather his “eleven”: Some daredevil old comrades from the Air Force division in which Danny also served, an electronics expert, an explosives specialist … Only when all ten comrades-in-arms are gathered in Las Vegas does Danny reveal his plan: On New Year’s Eve, exactly at 00:01:38, he and his team want to simultaneously rob the five largest casinos in the city! Sheer madness, it seems – but Danny has worked everything out in detail.


movies about casinos

Molly Bloom is a talented young skier and the USA’s great hope at the Olympic Games, but after a serious injury she is forced to give up her career. A short time later, Molly drops out of law school and ends up in the world of underground poker. She quickly realizes that she has a talent for organizing illegal competitions and eventually sets up her own poker tournament – the beginning of a long career. Molly’s clientele includes prominent faces from Hollywood, sports stars, influential businessmen, and also – though without Bloom’s knowledge – the Russian mafia. As a result, big business comes to an abrupt end one day – in the middle of the night, Molly is arrested by the FBI. Her only ally turns out to be her defense attorney Charlie Jaffey. He suspects that there is more to Bloom than is written in the tabloids.

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