What Is the Roulette 24+8 Strategy?

The grinders should use the 24+8 roulette approach because it is slow and prevents both long winning streaks and disastrous losses. Its supporters believe that if you’re patient, it gives you a significant chance of either winning or receiving your money back on each spin.

The goal of this approach is to cover most of the numbers on the board. As a result, on the vast majority of spins, you’ll either win or lose money. The nice part is that PlayAmo Casino supports it

24+8 Roulette Strategy Guide: Step by Step

Roulette 24+8 Strategy

Let’s examine the roulette 24+8 method in more detail and go through it step by step. You’ll notice that using this roulette betting strategy is really simple.

Step 1

Start by placing a 10-chip wager on both the first (1–12) and last (25–36) dozens. When profitable, these pay off 2:1.

Step 2

Place the next ten single chips on the middle dozen (numbers 13–24). You won’t be able to cover them all, but you’ll be able to cover 10 of the 12, leaving you to wager on only 23 and 24. When successful, these single-number wagers pay 35:1.

All but two of the 36 numbers on the board have been covered at this point. It’s time to relax and see the roulette wheel in action. You’ll receive a 35:1 payout and a six-unit profit if the ball lands in one of the single number pockets you bet on.

Although it doesn’t usually happen that way, even when it does, you still come out even if it lands on the first or second dozen since you get 20 units back for the 10 you bet and lose the 10 on the other dozen and the 10 in the middle.

This system’s logic states that it will take a lot of bad luck for the ball to land on either 23 or 24, which are the only two numbers you haven’t bet on in our scenario.

The 24+8 roulette approach has now been explained. Now let’s turn our attention to its effectiveness.

Is the 24+8 Roulette Strategy Effective?

Roulette 24+8 Strategy

The 24 plus 8 roulette strategy is without a doubt intuitively correct. It is quite likely that you will make money because the majority of the possible outcomes are taken into account, and the arithmetic underlying the wagers ensures you will win most of the time.

Like many roulette strategies, this one works well when it does and less well when it doesn’t. Consider this: If you lose once, you lose 30 units, and it will require five more winning bets for you to even reach your starting point. Even in the modified 24+8 roulette systems we’ve seen, this is true.

Contrary to what we may feel, every number on the roulette wheel has the same chance of landing as any other, which makes the dilemma even worse. This indicates that even though we’ve covered practically all the alternatives, there is an equal chance that 23 or 24 may come up.v

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