New slot machines

So far, we have already compiled for you a good amount of information about this wonderful casino game. From here, you will leave with everything you need to be almost an expert in the field.

If you are passionate about free slot machines, you will love this section. We will take you to know the features and advantages of trying the new games. Learn about all the news that these bring to you and fill yourself with good reasons.

Software vendors are always innovating

Software vendors

These new machines bring characteristics that the classic ones did not have, and among these we can count:

  • Graphics every day more real and spectacular, and even in 3D.
  • More interactive and fun games, with much more chances to win.
  • New and bigger bonus symbols in the game.
  • Playing them is made more fruitful by their bonus rounds, hundreds of winning combinations, and multiple paylines.
  • They have mini games and/or bonus rounds that are more and more like a video game, within the game. In them the player is more involved and the result depends in a higher percentage on his skills.
  • You can win from free spins to real money, plus bonus rounds.
  • The symbols in the games are no longer just the classic fruits, lucky sevens and BAR. Now, we can find thousands of machines, with thousands of themes and symbols adapted to them.

The Wild symbol evolved and now we can find them in three types:

  • Stacked Wilds (this symbol covers an entire column and gives us more combinations).
  • Walking Wilds (these change position on the reels, each time we get a free spin).
  • Sticky Wilds (they stay in the same place for several spins).

In addition to these new features, you will also be able to take advantage of everything that a new game release brings. When a new slot comes to an online casino, they offer many promotions and bonuses for trying it out. So if you see an opportunity like this, don’t let it pass you by.


We can play free slots online thanks to the bonuses of online casinos and the test mode they offer. These are some of the advantages of playing free slots.

We can practice as much as we want in the test mode, there are no limits of time or money, since it is fictitious.

We can see how each one works. They all have the same base, but also some differences.

There are so many different that it is difficult to choose. Playing free slot machines we can play as many as we want and discover which one is our favorite.

Playing free slots is the same as playing without pressure, just for the sheer fun and entertainment.

If we play with bonuses and are a little lucky, we can turn the free balance into real money.



If you want to play free slots, do not hesitate to use the different bonuses and promotions offered by the casinos on our list. They are gifts that are offered to us just for signing up or performing some action. These are some of the most common bonuses.

Welcome bonuses with deposit. They are bonuses that they give us when we sign up and make our first deposit. Normally, they double, triple or even six times the amount entered. They can also give us slots with advances.

No Deposit Welcome Bonuses. Just by registering they will give us a balance that we can use to play free online slots. They can also include free spins for these.

New slots. Sometimes they can give us free spins when they release a new game. Stay tuned to be able to play these for free.

Special sales. Some casinos have special promotions for these online games where they give away free spins. Look in the promotions section to discover them.

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