Parlay gambling system

This roulette strategy is a positive progressive betting method. It is similar to Paroli, except that in this the player is the one who sets the limit and not the system. It is rarely used since users go more for the Paroli, but it is interesting to know if you want another alternative.

The first thing we must do is place an amount to bet and a profit goal to achieve. This will be a personal decision, it is you who must decide how much you want to win and risk. Being a positive progressive system you must double your bet on each hit. You will stop once you reach the target you previously set for yourself. If you fail in one of the rounds, you must go back to the initial bet and start over.

It is time for the very useful example: our goal will be to get €80 and the initial bet will be €10.

We start with our bet of €10 and this one is a winner. In the next round the amount of the bet must be €20. Fortune is still on our side and we are victorious again. At that time the benefits already reach €40. We do not keep that benefit and we bet it in the next round. Then we will continue like this until we achieve the goal we set, in this case it is €80.

As we mentioned, you decide when to stop. Once you reach the goal, now you can collect your earnings. You can start over or withdraw if you wish.

In case of losing in one of the rounds, you would only be risking the initial bet that you set yourself. The other thing lost will be reinvested money that comes from the casino. Then you can get big profits without risking too much.

Ascot roulette strategy

Ascot roulette strategy

This type of roulette strategy uses a system similar to the reverse D’Alembert. It could be said that it is a kind of evolution of this famous roulette trick.

In this system you must raise or lower your bet, or move forward and backward in the sequence that you create. The latter will depend on the final result in each round. So that we can see it better, let’s put an example. To apply this system we must do the following:

Create yourself a betting sequence that you must follow. It must be odd and have between 7 or 11 figures. In our example the sequence will be the following: 5- 7- 9- 11- 13- 15- 17.

You should start by betting on the number in the center. In this example it would be 11. You will bet 11 units, if your unit is €1, then it will be €11.

If you win the bet you must advance in the sequence. Following the example, the next bet will be €13.

When we lose in our sequence, we must go back one step. If we lose with 13 we will have to go back to 9.

We will follow this same routine depending on the result. Rounds are over once the end or beginning of the sequence is reached.

It is a roulette strategy that can make you spend a lot of time in the game depending on the ups and downs. The goal is to move the sequence forward to make a profit with this system. In case of going back and reaching the initial extreme it will be very difficult to recover the losses.

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