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Every gamer should understand the Return to Player (RTP) concept if they want to increase their   chances of winning at National Casino Canada. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn what RTP is and why it is important in slot winnings, the difference between RTP and volatility, the role of the house edge, and how to benefit from casino RTP. 

What is RTP?

Return to Player, or RTP, is the proportion of bets that players will eventually get from a casino game over time. The probability of a player winning over the long run increases with a high RTP percentage. 

In the same vein, players have a limited chance of winning if a game’s RTP is low. An online slot game with an RTP of less than 94%, for instance, is deemed unfavorable to gamblers. If the RTP is 100%, then all winnings go to the player. 

Slot RTP

Casino Gaming Fortune

RTP in slots refers to the amount of money that a slot machine is predicted to give back to players over the course of its life.  An RTP of 95%, for instance, indicates that gamblers can often anticipate receiving $95 back for every $100 wagered.

Casino owners and game designers choose the RTP, but gaming regulatory bodies review and examine it to ensure fairness to gamers. 

Online casino games draw players because they have greater RTPs than land-based ones and are more competitive. Online slots often have RTPs of 92% or greater, while many land-based slot machines have RTPs as low as 80%.

Understanding Volatility vs. Return To Players

In casino games, volatility and RTP are two different things. RTP denotes the average return over the long run, whereas volatility denotes the risk and likelihood of winning. While low-volatility games pay out more frequently but provide smaller winners, high-volatility games offer higher prizes but less frequent winnings.

When choosing an online casino, keep these things in mind: If you choose a slot machine with a higher-than-average RTP but lower-than-average volatility, it can take you a while to score the big win. 

It is advised that you select a medium-volatility slot machine because it will keep things in balance.

How About the House Edge 

Casino Gaming Fortune

The house edge is another factor that influences your overall chances of winning in addition to the RTP. The house edge is the casino’s comparative mathematical advantage over players, assuring long-term profitability. The RTP for players is higher when the house edge is lower.

However, even if an online slot has a high RTP, the house edge still contributes to your success or otherwise. The RTP can tell you how much money the casino stands to make from you playing a certain slot, but it cannot tell you exactly how much you can win. 

Taking Advantage of Game Volatility 

Choose low-volatility games if regular wins are what you’re after. Choose high-volatility games if you want to win big jackpots. Some casino games Live dealer casino games like live blackjack and slots are particularly renowned for their high RTPs, while others, like online roulette, are infamous for their low RTPs.

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