Strategy “One Half Up”

This is a betting system that can be applied to various table games. The same is most often used in blackjack, but also in roulette. It is in the least recommended section because it is not as differential as others. However, it is worth mentioning since it can bear good fruit.

In this roulette strategy you must increase your initial bet after two consecutive wins. However, the increase in the bet will only be 50% of the initial amount. Let’s put an initial bet of €20 as an example.

We placed our bet and we came out winners. However, there is not yet another victory to add to. We place €20 again and bet.

After the second round we get the victory again. On this occasion, for the next round if we must increase our bet. Now our bet will be €30 since we increase 50% of the initial.

If you get another streak of two victories again, you will have to increase again by €10 and so on.

If the bet loses, you must go back to the beginning and start with your initial amount. The good thing is that you decide when to stop with this system if you fall into a losing streak.



This is undoubtedly the most ambitious and risky roulette strategy that we can apply in our game. It is very volatile, so it is not highly recommended for most users. However, if you apply it and it works for you, the prize can be really great.

The strategy is easy to apply and understand, it is based on betting everything. You can do this once or as many times as you want depending on how much you want to earn. The results will only be two, you lose everything or you get the jackpot.

The operation of this roulette strategy is as follows:

  • The first thing you should do is set a minimum goal, set out how much you want to earn and achieve it. To do this, choose your budget and the amount of profit you want to obtain.
  • You must calculate how many rounds you need to achieve it, the fewer rounds the better.
  • Follow that route that you planned and hope that the goddess of luck is on your side.

Suppose our remainder is €100 and we aim to get €1000. In that case we will bet €100 on a six of roulette. If we guess correctly we will get €500. We still haven’t reached the goal so we take everything and bet it again. We decided to bet that €500 for a dozen on roulette. If we get it right, our profit would be €1000, we achieve the objective and we go to bed happy.

Now, the scenario raised above is ideal and the one that we would all sign. However, getting it is extremely difficult and unlikely. For this reason, it is not a roulette strategy that is highly recommended. If you want to apply it, it is best to do it risking little money so that you do not lose a significant sum in seconds.

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